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Over the years, we’ve kept in touch with our customers —hikers, adventurers, outdoors aficionados, trailblazers, National Park supporters, and more!

Climbing Half Dome with Hike America Staffs

Hi, Roy and thanks for everything and here are some pictures of us up at half dome and other places. These are the photos of us the day before half dome and the day of on our way up. The one with us sitting and the valley behind us is on top of half dome.

Message From Jim Kaufman

Hello Roy!!!
I don’t know if you will remember me, Jim Kaufman from Las Vegas. It has been awhile since I have ordered anything. Lots of reasons though, major knee, back, eye problems, and I guess I have to toss in old age. I just turned 75 this first of this month. 
I had to have complete knee replacements on both knees. Took me awhile to give into that fact, but I am sorry that I waited so long to get that done. Everything turned out very well and I have started hiking again. Just short hikes here at Mt. Charleston, and plan to do more  more this fall. I really missed it a lot as I missed at least 3 years of any hikes. 
I can’t believe how big the business has gotten. You have so many new items. Really happy for you and the business. I bet the boys are really big now. 
While I was at therapy for knees I made a good friend there. One day Charles came in with his cane, he was there for knee therapy also. It was a wooden walking stick and instantly I spotted the “medallions.” Needless to say the hiking stories flowed for the 3 months that we were doing the therapy. He had 17 of your medallions on his walking stick. Not to be shown up I brought the walking staff in and he couldn’t believe all that I had.
Well, I am sure that I have taken up a lot of you time, but thanking for reading this e-mail.
All my best to you and your family,
Jim Kaufman
Looking forward to my order.

I just wanted to say thank you! The medallions look awesome, and I really appreciate your help and guidance in creating those! I know I ask a lot of questions, but you were very helpful and answered every one of them with patience, which again, is much appreciated!

MelCheerio Adventures

Medallions: Boy Scout Camp

The Boy Scouts do a lot of hiking. Ed sent this picture of his nephew at camp. Now almost everyone who hikes has their own personal staff. Getting your first hiking medallion at Boy Scout Camp is a milestone!

Hadrian’s Wall with Hike America Owner Roy Klebe

Roy walked the entire 84 miles from coast to coast following the World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall, past Roman settlements and forts. There’s history every step of the way, as you can see in his photos.

Hadrian’s Wall, also called the Roman Wall, Picts’ Wall, or Vallum Hadriani in Latin, was a defensive fortification in the Roman province of Britannia, begun in 122 AD in the reign of the emperor Hadrian.

Hiking Hochkonig Mountain 1955

“It’s my father hiking on Hochkonig mountain in Austria in 1955.” From a Hike America customer….nice picture of his father! Check out those hiking boots!

“I just got my order today and I am beyond excited to give my dad a walking stick and these medallions. I know he will absolutely love them. They are so nice!!! The one that will mean the most to him is the Reel Foot Lake one, that was his last big fishing trip with his dad. I never would have guessed you would have had one from there. We had a big family trip to Yosemite this summer and for several from there as well. We will be ordering more. Thank you so much!!!!”

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